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5 Stress-Reduction Tips for HOA Meetings

HOA Board meetings can be stressful for many reasons. Shoestring budgets. Too much to do with too few resources. Member disagreements or today’s crisis. All of these issues and more create an anxiety-filled environment. If you find it challenging to keep your cool when leading Board meetings, these five stress-reduction tips are for you.

Prepare in advance: Develop and distribute your agenda and information for each topic at least a week before the meeting. When all Board members prepare in advance, decisions come easier. Stick to your agenda so that you can start and end the meeting on time. Advance preparation goes a long way in distressing your meetings.

Encourage Everyone to Contribute: To move your association forward, everyone needs to work together. Diversity in thinking and culture helps create a better decision-making environment. Encourage your HOA Board members to appreciate and respect the different perspectives. When you establish an atmosphere where everyone contributes his/her views, you accomplish more in less time—and that translates to less stress.

Follow Up: Make note of action items or questions that arise during the meeting. Contact the people responsible for the action items. Make sure they are aware of the task, have the necessary information and the deadline. A little extra effort on follow up helps set up your next meeting for success.

Settle Disputes Quickly: Disputes happen in Board meetings because no two people think exactly alike. Disagreements can escalate when disregarded. As a leader, you can take control by creating a neutral environment. Ask for factual points one at a time. If you lack information, assign someone to do the research. If you aren’t comfortable settling disagreements, ask for help. Your property management professional has expertise in leading Board members through disagreements. Settling disputes quickly reduces anxieties and unease among Board members.

Support Each Other: Work toward an open-door atmosphere where Board members feel free to call on each other for advice and expertise. No one person has all the skills needed to run an association, so working together helps build strength and resource depth.


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