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Team Skills for HOA Boards

Getting your HOA Board members to work effectively as a team has a dramatic effect on the association. As a team, you can achieve incredible results. When you fail to work as a team, there’s a lot of confusion, disruption and extra work to accomplish the smallest task. Here are some tips to help your Board members improve their team skills.

Building a New HOA Board Team

If your community association has recently elected new Board members, you’re starting at the beginning. Communicating meaningful goals and expected results are key to moving forward for a new team. Here are some tasks that can help set the focus for your new Board:

  • Review the association’s governing documents

  • Outline general expectations

  • Evaluate special issues facing the association

  • Establish tasks and milestones

  • Identify who is responsible for tasks

Improving Team Skills for an Existing HOA Board

Recognizing the strengths of each Board member benefits the entire team. Positive comments about how individual strengths help the entire team boost confidence. When they tackle a task, they work better as a team because you’ve developed a foundation of confidence and trust. Here are some tasks that can help:

  • Identify how each Board member’s experience and knowledge helps the team

  • Establish an atmosphere that respects different personality traits and approaches

  • Look for opportunities for every HOA Board member to contribute their ideas

  • Encourage everyone to support all Board decisions when they walk out the door

  • Learn from mistakes as a team, but don’t dwell on them.

Bonding Among HOA Board Members

Friendship is important among team members. As the team bonds, the Board can achieve goals faster with less work. Why? As people get to know each other, they develop an understanding and appreciation for their differences. They begin to define the strengths and capabilities of the Board, and they turn to each other for help.

When you take time to help your HOA Board work as a team, you take a giant step toward achieving your community goals successfully.


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