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4 Tips to Help Your HOA Board Thrive

Whether you lead a condominium Board, homeowner association or a community committee, it seems that you need to switch hats every few minutes. There’s always more to do than you can handle, and many tasks require considerable research and time. In addition, your homeowners’ association resources are stretched as you strive to do more with less. Sound familiar? It’s the new reality that isn’t changing anytime soon. Here are some tips to help your Board adapt and thrive in today’s business world.

Delegation—A good community leader understands that Board members can’t do everything and do it well, so he or she looks beyond the directors. Identify volunteers and skills that exist within your community, but don’t stop there. Research professional skills that your community requires and locate experts you can call upon on when needed. Mastering the art of delegation is vital to the community’s success.

Technology—Knowing how to use technology to your advantage can save time, money and make you life easier. Yet, this rapidly changing world intimidates many leaders. If technology isn’t your strength, identify a “techie” on your Board or in the community. Find areas where technology can help, and put it to work for you and your community.

Inquiring—There are always details that need to be handled, governing documents to review, new issues to research and more. Effective leaders are committed to digging into the details and trying new approaches. Complacent leaders often let the world pass them by. An inquiring mind establishes an atmosphere in which communities can thrive.

Fairness— When you lead the Board, you can’t be a “Do as I say and not as I do” person. You must treat everyone—from Board members to homeowners to vendors—fairly. Consistency is important for rule enforcement, enacting new rules, assessments, collections and everything you do. As a leader, you set the example for others on the Board and in the community. Make sure that you put the community first so that you lead by example.


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