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Board Member Toolkit

Whether you manage the association yourself or have the assistance of professional management; whether you’re on the board of a condominium or homeowner association or a cooperative; and whether your association comprises just a handful of homes or thousands of homes in a large-scale community—joining CAI can do more to ensure your success than just about anything else you can do.


Community Matters: What you should know before you buy

Community associations offer choices, lifestyles, amenities, services and efficiencies that people value. An estimated 70 million Americans choose to live in condominium and homeowners associations, cooperatives and other planned communities. You can help ensure a more positive and fulfilling community experience by learning all you can about a community before you buy a home.


An Introduction to Community Living

Community volunteer leaders and members can maximize the benefits of community association living by better understanding the history, purpose, and function of community associations. One way to do so is by participating in the Center for Community Association Volunteers’ (CCAV) Community Volunteer Leadership Development Program—offered online or by local CAI chapters.


Principles for Community Association Success

Perhaps the greatest achievement for any association is creating and sustaining a sense of community among residents and leaders. This goal is best achieved when homeowners, non-owner residents and association leaders recognize and embrace their rights and responsibilities. It was with this goal in mind that CAI developed Rights and Responsibilities for Better Communities. These principles can serve as an important guidepost for board and committee members, community managers, homeowners and non-owner residents.

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