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Wise Property Solutions offers condo association management services designed to meet your unique needs. While condo associations need many of the same support services, each association has unique goals. Volunteers serving the association bring different skills, experiences and ideas. We work with your board members to assess the needs to meet your goals, and then we design a plan that is uniquely yours. There’s never enough time or willing volunteers in most associations to accomplish the daily tasks and implement improvements. Board members must also research and educate themselves on changing laws and association best practices, which leaves less time to run the association. We evaluate the effectiveness new technologies, and we stay knowledgeable about changing industry regulations. As a resource for your Board, we keep you informed about the potential effect of upcoming changes and appropriate actions required. We offer a complete range of condo association management services, including financial, facilities, and administrative support. Because we manage day-to-day operations, your Board members can focus on leading your association. Our professional management services and personal attention ensures that your association operates smoothly and continues to flourish.


Condominium Association Management for
Kingsport, TN
Johnson City, TN
Bristol, TN
Knoxville, TN

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