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Wise Property Solutions is a property management company who serves the administrative, financial and facilities (maintenance) management needs of condominium associations, townhouse associations, single-family communities associations and commercial condo associations. Every community is unique. Yet they share a common need for clear and consistent homeowners’ association management amid the dynamics of changing board leadership and community needs.

Association management can be complicated. As a largely new and growing form of residential property ownership in our regions, homeowners associations are often misunderstood by prospective buyers and homeowners alike.

To appropriately serve your common interest developments you need a community association manager that’s knowledgeable, credentialed, licensed and experienced.

The association management choice will be the single most important decision that a homeowners association makes . That decision will influence the operations of the association and directly influence short & long-term operational expenses. The selection of the right management partner will enhance the homeowner experience and improve the long-term appreciation of their property.

Our team of Certified Managers of Community Associations (CMCA®) understands community associations. We have served as volunteer board members in our own homeowners associations.  And, now we serve as professional homeowners association and condominium association managers. We understand the opportunities and challenges associations confront. We are committed to continued education, training and the employment of the latest technology to best serve property owners and residents alike. We are committed to excellence in our service. Our management systems and internet based tools empower association with powerful information and actionable insights.

As the region’s leader in community association management, we value each client and work to meet their unique service needs.

As you discover more about Wise Property Solutions you will see why we are the best decision your association can make.


  • Condominium association management needs

  • Townhome management needs

  • Gated Community Management Needs

  • Commercial/Office Condo Management Needs

  • Planned Unit Development Needs

  • HOA (Homeowners Association) Needs

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