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Any well-run common-interest community relies on their homeowners association (HOA). At Wise Property Solutions, we understand the importance of the HOA and the role it plays in your community. We take the management responsibilities off of your shoulders so that your HOA can focus on running your community associations. 

At Wise Property Solutions, we offer HOA Management services to common-interest communities in the Mountain South. With offices in Knoxville and the Tri-Cities, we are local to the communities we serve. All of the professionals who serve our clients also live and work in East Tennessee. We are committed to the health of your community because we are members of it too. 

Just because we are a locally owned and regionally focused HOA Management company, you will not get sub-par HOA management. In fact, we are nationally accredited and offer all of the attributes of a large national player. With Wise Property Solutions, you get the best of both worlds: top-of-the-line HOA management services and a team dedicated to your community. 

A lot goes into HOA management, and the professionals at Wise Property Solutions will take care of it all for you. Your HOA is run by volunteers, who may not have the time or the inclination to handle all of the day to day tasks. Let Wise Property Solutions cover a broad scope of HOA management responsibilities and tasks. 

A complete list of the HOA management services we provide is listed on the right. All of these services can be broken into four broad categories: administrative, accounts receivable, site management, and accounting.  

  • Some of the administrative services we provide include organizing annual elections and meetings, providing monthly past due notification to your owner members, and being a contact point for homeowners. 

  • Accounts receivable services are responsibilities like paying bills. 

  • We will create and run your community web site, which in our digital age is an essential way for your HOA to communicate with members. 

  • And, finally, we provide a range of accounting services, such as banking and bank account reconciliation, monthly financial reports, and more. 

When you hire Wise Property Solutions, the first thing we will do is communicate with your Board of Directors. In these meetings, we will decide on the services and tasks needed in your HOA management plan. With Wise Property Solutions, you get specially-tailored HOA management that meets the needs of your community. For the best local HOA management company in the Mountain South, you need to contact Wise Property Solutions. Let us manage your HOA and help your common-interest community run smoothly and efficiently.


  • Annual Elections/Annual Meetings

  • Attend Periodic Board of Directors Meetings

  • Monthly/Annual Assessments

  • Monthly/ Annual Collection of Assessments

  • Monthly Past Due Notification to Owners

  • Payment of Bills

  • Banking & Bank Account Reconciliation

  • Mail Processing and Correspondence

  • Community Web Site

  • Monthly Financial Reports (e.g. Income & Expense, Balance Sheet, and Accounts Receivable) 

  • Maintenance Bidding and Scheduling

  • Contact Point for Homeowners

  • Liaison for Escrow Companies and Resale Certificates

  • Financial Management of Assets & Fund Balance as Needed

  • Covenant Enforcement

  • Other Services as Agreed Upon by the Board of Directors

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