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4 Ways to Get Your Community Ready for Winter

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

While generally mild, winters in Tennessee can bring more severe weather. Although our temperatures do not go as low as those in more northern locations, they still often become sub-freezing overnight. Anytime the forecast is under 32-degrees Fahrenheit, things can go wrong. The best bet for your community is to prepare well and early for cold weather.

Let’s consider four ways you can prepare your community for winter.

Four Ways to Get Your Community Ready for Winter

As an association leader you have specific responsibility for your community. While it is usually your resident’s job to prepare their own homes for the winter, you have to prepare the rest of the community. This means the common areas, pools, docks, and landscaping all fall under your care.

Here are the four best ways to prepare your common areas for winter.

1) Make sure snow removal services are hired. No, Tennessee does not get that much snow. However, because we only see a few inches of snow on average, even a little snow can and will disrupt your residents’ lives. Make sure that you have hired snow removal services well before the season begins.

When the snow does come, most snow removal companies will be swamped. You want to ensure you are on their schedule as soon as possible. At Wise Property Solutions, we have relationships with the top vendors in east Tennessee, including those who remove snow. Let us help you find a good company and get you on their schedule for this winter.

2) Prepare all your pipes. One of the biggest risks in cold weather is that a pipe will burst. By taking the proper precautions you can prevent this from happening. Make sure your residents know how to properly prepare their pipes for winter. An email or bulletin will help prepare them.

Common buildings in the community will also need their pipes prepared. That means doing the following.

  • Protect exterior pipes with thermal padding.

  • Keep all storage areas above freezing.

  • Winterize your pools and hot tubs.

  • Drain the water from the sprinkler system.

  • Open cabinets with access to pipes on very cold days.

3) Finish all landscaping preparation. The best way to keep your community’s landscaping looking its best is by preparing it for winter. According to Hawk Eye Management there are a lot of landscaping projects that should be completed in the fall to prepare your landscaping for the following spring. Here are a few of the most important items.

  • Disconnect and store all hoses.

  • Ensure all equipment, especially the irrigation system, is prepared for winter.

  • Install a new layer of mulch.

  • Remove all piles of debris and fallen leaves.

A good landscaping company can perform these tasks for you. At Wise, we can help you find a great landscaper to help prepare your outdoor areas for winter.

4) Winterize all pools and hot tubs. Winterizing is important for keeping pools and hot tubs in working order. The general process involves checking all pipes and equipment, cleaning everything, draining the water and filter tank, and then storing all equipment. Your manufacturer will have instructions on how to winterize their exact product. A good pool maintenance vendor can also help with this.

Preparing your community for the winter is important. Contact Wise Property Solutions today for winter preparation help and more.

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