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5 Secrets to Motivate Your HOA Board

Motivation. Some Boards have it in abundance. Others don’t. What is the secret to keeping your HOA Board motivated for the long haul? What motivates you to do anything? While each person is motivated by something different, highly motivated groups share some common characteristics.

There’s no blueprint for motivation. Every Board is made up of members with different needs and wants. Finding the right balance of the characteristics below for your Board is key to creating motivation that you can sustain long-term.

Leadership – Being a good role model influences other Board members in reaching their goals. Don’t just set the example, but look for ways to help other Board members to grow and achieve their goals while matching with the needs of the association.

Purpose – At the top of everyone’s list for a motivated team is a clear purpose. Long-term motivation is about accomplishing goals that align with the Board members’ personal wants and needs.

Challenge – Many people, especially those who are problem solvers, like to be challenged. This isn’t a suggestion to take on the impossible, but think about how to present problems facing the homeowner association as a challenge. One that is not too difficult and not too easy, but an achievable challenge. This motivational aspect drives people to fulfill goals.

Friendship – People who have like each other and do things together outside of Board functions work well together. Your Board members may cross different cultures, genders, age, etc., so they may not have much in common for a close personal relationship. When external relationships don’t exist, you can nurture an atmosphere of respect and fellowship that fosters motivation and communication among Board members.

Reward – Praise and thanks are powerful motivators for Board members. Rewarding good deeds with a small token of appreciation (even if it’s just a certificate or a letter of thanks) reinforces the person so that they want to continue to achieve goals. Praise doesn’t have to come from the leader; other members of the Board and homeowners can add their thanks for a job well done. Find ways to recognize people who are making the community a better place to live.

You’ll still have difficult times when it’s a challenge to reach agreement. Individual needs will change over time, so the same tactics may not always work. Still, it’s important create an environment where Board members can grow personally and as a team. This can sustain motivation long term. When your HOA Board is motivated, you accomplish more for your community.


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