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6 Tips For Christmas Tree Safety

The Christmas tree is one of the many elaborate symbols of the holiday season for many people. Who doesn’t love the fresh pine scent! Twinkling lights! Ornaments that take you down memory lane! But, live Christmas trees can be a hazard if you don’t follow the safety rules, so here are a six tips to help keep your family and community safe this holiday season.

  1. Keep your tree hydrated – Add water to your tree as soon as you get it home. Remember to water it daily. Dehydrated trees are much more flammable and can catch fire in minutes.

  2. Location of the Tree – Do not place your tree near a heat source. Candles, heaters and fireplaces should all be at least three feet from the tree. Avoid putting your tree near an exit. In the case of an emergency, you do not want a tree blocking your way out.

  3. Choose the right lights – Make sure your lights are approved for indoor use. Outdoor lights have a higher wattage incandescent light bulb, which puts out a lot more heat. The increased heat on a dehydrated tree can potentially lead to fire. Before you add lights to your tree, check to make sure they do not have frayed edges or loose wires.

  4. Think As You Decorate – Avoid placing breakable tree ornaments on lower branches where small children or pets can reach them.

  5. Unplug Your Tree – Remember to turn off your tree lights every night before you go to sleep. It doesn’t take long for a tree to catch fire and engulf a home. Turn the lights on only when you are home.

  6. Know When It’s Over – When your tree starts shedding needles excessively or turns brown, it is time to take it down. Watch the news or contact your city to find out if they have a tree-recycling program where you can dispose of your tree.

Whether you are five years old or 100, no one is ever too old for the joys of the holiday. As you Celebrate The Season with your family and friends, take just a few extra minutes to ensure that you’re taking the precautions to keep everyone safe.


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