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7 Tips to Help Guide HOA Committees

It goes without saying that HOA Board members have many responsibilities—far too much work for the members alone to do. To ensure that work gets done in the community, many association Boards delegate some of the work to committees. These volunteers manage research, events and other work to ensure that the community runs smoothly.

If your HOA board is thinking about creating committees, it’s important to ensure they have parameters and are structured properly. Below are 7 tips to keep your committees functioning at their best.

  • Take a strategic view of your HOA Board’s work. Committees should be focused on managing work that must be done by the Board or is an extension of the Board’s ongoing work.

  • Document in writing and discuss the committee’s role in conjunction with the Board. If the committee is to research a topic and report the findings to the Board, make sure they understand that they have no authority to act upon their findings at this point.

  • Unless a committee will help a specific Board member with the work for which he or she is responsible, committee work should not overlap with Board member work. The best use of committees is to handle work that Board members don’t have time to do. For example, annual community functions, research, communications, etc.

  • HOA Board members often lead a committee that falls within their area of responsibility. This structure works well because the Board member is the common connection for the teams, which makes communication flow easier.

  • Recruiting community members who don’t usually participate in activities to serve on committees can serve a dual purpose. It gets these homeowners involved in community functions and takes advantage of expertise in the community. This can also be an effective way to identify new Board members.

  • One person does not a committee make. Strive for at least five people, but no less than three, to serve on a committee. This helps spread the work so that people have the bandwidth to complete the assignments and brings new skills and talents to the table.

  • Assign a chair to each committee, and it’s helpful to select an experienced leader. This helps keep the committee focused and moving forward. Committee leadership positions can also be used to groom potential board chairs.


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