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Are Great Leaders Born or Made?

Many people debate whether great leaders are born or made. Although someone may possess a natural ability to lead, honing his/her skills is critical. Effective leaders excel at motivation and communication. They build interpersonal relationships. They learn and grow. Great HOA Board leaders are committed to making your community the best that it can be.

The most successful Board leaders take action and make decisions. Making the right decisions don’t always come naturally to a leader. The right decisions are based on experiences, research and facts. While leaders may tell you that they rely on instinct for many of their decisions, they are usually relying on the knowledge and experience that they have gained along the way.

Effective leaders are excellent communicators. Many people have a gift with words and excel in both written and oral communications. However, they aren’t born knowing how to use communication tools and techniques. These skills are enhanced through a great deal of practice.

Inspiring HOA Board leaders challenge other Board members and volunteers to learn and grow. They are always learning, and they help others develop the skills and insight needed to run a homeowner association. From the outside looking in, it appears that these people are born leaders and teachers. And, they usually are. They also seize the opportunity to sharpen their motivation and people skills in every meeting.

Are great leaders born or made? It’s a true combination of being born with a natural gift and then honing it through experience and ongoing learning. If your Board is fortunate enough to have a great leader, everyone in the community will reap the benefits. Learn from your best leaders so that you can create a thriving community that you are proud to call home.


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