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Are Micromanagers Blocking Your HOA Progress?

Micromanagers—you appreciate their attention to detail and hands-on approach until you have to work with them on your HOA Board. They create bottlenecks that hinder the Board’s progress. Fear is usually at the root of micromanagement. Fear of not knowing what or how to do tasks. Fear of making a wrong decision. When HOA Board members become micromanagers, the real issue may extend beyond fear. When you know how the Board may be contributing to micromanagement, you can stop it.

In the absence of clearly identified roles and responsibilities, some people become afraid to finalize a decision. They are concerned about the community and want to do a good job, but they aren’t sure of their role. Thus, they overanalyze every small decision, especially when the Board member is newly elected. If some of your HOA Board members are micromanagers, review your roles and responsibilities documents. Do they provide enough detail? Has the Board member received training?

Leadership skills are another challenge that Boards face. The majority of people have little experience in leadership because most of life’s experience is in doing. Think about it. Housework isn’t done by leading. Sales aren’t made by leading. Bookkeeping isn’t done by leading. When we get an attorney or accountant to head a committee or serve on the Board, they often appear to be micromanaging because they are start doing what comes naturally — performing tasks. Knowing what’s involved in leading vs. doing and documenting expectations is critical in alleviating micromanagement.

Proactive planning can help minimize fear that causes decision-making paralysis. During the Board’s annual planning and budgeting meeting, focus on the accomplishments you want to achieve for the community. What are the goals you need to reach to create the community you want? How does each operational area contribute to the goal(s)? Planning helps document the goals and steps that you want and helps prevent liabilities that you don’t want.

A property management company can help you proactively address fears and concerns while keeping the community moving forward. Managers have the skills and experience to help guide the Board in the direction they need to go.

Advance planning and documentation can put some enjoyment back in your Board meetings so members can remember why they joined the Board—to make a difference for the community.


Wise Property Solutions is a property management company serving East Tennessee with offices in Knoxville, TN and the Tri-Cities, TN-VA. Specializing in Condominium Association Management, Home Owners Association Management, HOA Management and Gated Community Association Management.

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