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Building Neighbor Relationships in Your Homeowners Association

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Many people choose to live in community associations because of the shared facilities and amenities. They enjoy engaging with others. President Jimmy Carter spoke of the significance of good neighbor relationships in 1978:

“As our Nation struggles to build friendship among the peoples of this world, we are mindful that the noblest human concern is concern for others. Understanding, love, and respect build cohesive families and communities.The same bonds cement our Nation, and the nations of the world. For most of us, this sense of community is nurtured and expressed in our neighborhoods where we give each other an opportunity to share and feel part of a larger family…I call upon the people of the United States and interested groups and organizations to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

Each year on September 28, many people across the U.S. observe National Good Neighbor Day. Good neighbor relationships begin with the little things you do all year long – not just one day each year. Here are some tips to build your neighbor relationships provided by Avalon Group.

Smile and say hello: It’s simple enough to smile or give a friendly wave when you see someone in the neighborhood, but we often overlook this kind gesture as we hurry along our way. It’s uplifting and takes no time. If you have a couple of minutes, stop for a moment to chat. It’s a great habit to start.

Get Up and Out: In the Tri-Cities, Tenn. area, the weather is ideal much of the year for a morning or evening walk. Even a short walk is a great stress reliever that allows you to see some neighbors. Walking is also a great way to get more familiar with your neighborhood in a different way than driving through the community.

Schedule a community get-together: It can be something as simple as a pool or holiday party with appetizers, a potluck dinner or another get-together. This is a great way to get to know other owners in the community and discover common interests.

Remember the Golden Rule: In a community association, homeowners share amenities, walls, parking, etc. Keep the Golden Rule in mind if you do anything that may affect them, i.e., communicating a birthday party, being aware of noise levels, etc. Potential issues are typically resolved more quickly when your neighbors feel comfortable approaching you about any problems.

If you don’t know your neighbors, get in the habit of reaching out. Association living is ideal for getting to know your neighbors. In the words of a past president, “give each other an opportunity to share and feel part of a larger family.”


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