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Closing HOA Communication Gaps

Technology has made communication easier and faster than ever. Or, has it? It’s easy to send an email, create an e-newsletter or add website content. But, if no one reads it, you aren’t connecting. And, not everyone uses today’s technology. Do you have gaps you need to close in your HOA communications?

Know Owner Preferences

Evaluate owners to determine how you can successfully communicate. While an e-newsletter is an excellent tool, it’s a waste if most of your owners don’t use email or Internet. If the majority of owners prefer e-newsletters, you have a win. Are your owners high-tech, low-tech or somewhere in the middle? Combining print and electronic communications could be your win.

Write for Easy Reading

Focus in communications has shifted from reading to scanning. Whether you are writing for print or electronic communications, write for scanning first. Numbered lists, bullets, bolded words and call-outs are excellent ways to draw attention to information that needs to be read. To get owners to read more, add some interest and fun information too.

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Pictures with captions convey your message. Relevant images capture attention and improve readability. Captions don’t have to be cutesy. If your article is relevant and easy to read, you’ve got a win. Now that you have the reader’s attention, briefly state your information.

Choose a Call-to-Action

Not all calls-to-action (CTAs) share equal prominence. If you have multiple CTAs in your message, choose a primary action to feature. Maybe you want owners to vote. Or, perhaps you want them to attend an event. Choose the one action that’s most important for owners to do.

Focus Your Communications

Focus can make or break your HOA communications. A narrow focus with specific action produces the best results. Sometimes, multiple messages confuse owners, so they take no action. Communicate shorter, on-target messages more frequently for best results.

Whether you use a high-tech or low-tech communication approach, these tips can help you get started. Then, experiment to find the secret sauce that motivates your owners. Exceptional communication helps your community stay engaged and excel.

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