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Core Values and Expectations for HOA Board Members

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Board members come together from vastly different backgrounds to focus on the common goal of serving their community. Some are inclined to research the smallest decision while others make decisions based on experience. This diversity helps bring different perspectives to the table for better decision-making. Regardless of their approach, Board members should share some core values and expectations.

Participate in HOA Meetings: You need to attend and actively participate in HOA meetings. You can’t contribute ideas when you aren’t there. Making decisions is one of the main responsibilities associated with being a board member.

Manage Finances: HOA Board members have a fiduciary responsibility to maintain and protect the value of the community property. This means taking care of association finances by managing assessments, annual budgets, reserve studies and maintenance schedules.

Maintain Confidentiality: Don’t discuss association business with family and friends. Conversations containing confidential information should be confined to Board meetings.

Enforce Rules: Fairly enforcing rules and regulations is vital to a community. Rules apply to every homeowner—Board members, family and friends. According to these Clarksville property managers if your community has old rules or regulations that are no longer relevant, it’s important for Board members to review and work to amend the documents.

Respect Others: The best decisions are made after understanding different viewpoints. Listen and respect the opinion of others. Whether or not you are in favor of the final decision, you should support the Board’s decision within the community.

Communicate Effectively: An HOA Board needs to work as a team, negotiate with vendors and speak with homeowners. You need to be able to communicate effectively in person and in writing.

Distribute Duties: No one Board member can fulfill all the association duties. Distribute duties among all Board members. Reach out to committee members or engage a property management company. It’s simply the nature of some people to wait until called upon. More hands make lighter work.

Maintaining clear expectations will improve your collective experience as HOA Board members. It leads to better relationships and community decisions. When everyone is on board with expectations, you create a community that truly shines.

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