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Create an HOA Spring Maintenance Plan

The work in a condo or homeowner community is never truly done. In the Tri-Cities, Tennessee area, spring usually brings more maintenance and landscaping for common areas. It’s a time for trimming, cleaning, painting, planting and more. A checklist and a little help from experts can keep your association ready to enjoy the warmer season.

  • Inspect buildings for sagging gutters, loose shingles, water damage and other deterioration.

  • Caulk and paint buildings, windows and other common areas as needed.

  • Clean sidewalks, siding, gutters, aluminum trim and other areas where replacement or additional maintenance isn’t planned.

  • Landscape common areas by planting annuals, pruning shrubs and trees, fertilizing and inspecting sprinkler systems.

  • Check and repair loose nails and damaged wood on decks, fences, steps and other wood structures in the community.

  • Perform annual pool maintenance and prepare for opening. This is also a good time to inspect the outdoor furniture, concrete and other pool areas.

  • Conduct a safety check of playgrounds, tennis courts, walking trails and other community recreational areas.

  • Inspect and clean the clubhouse, cooking and serving pieces, lights, bathrooms and adjoining external areas.

  • Check exterior vents to remove lint buildup from clothes dryer vents and ensure that the fans are clean.

  • Assess lighting for bad switches, replacing bulbs and broken fixtures. Lighting upgrades can improve lighting while decreasing power bills.

  • Examine asphalt areas, including parking areas, curbs, roads, etc. for cracks and other needed repairs.

  • Finalize plans and contracts for major summer projects.

While this is a good checklist to get you started this spring, your Board members need to customize the items to make it work for you. Mother Nature helps us out in this area by giving us seasons for different types of work, so consider all the seasons when you create a maintenance checklist.

Sometimes do-it-yourself maintenance becomes too consuming as your community ages. That’s when engaging a property management company is the right course of action for your board. They have managers who can inspect your property with one eye toward maintenance and the other toward potential hazards.

Whether you choose a checklist, a property manager or a Board meeting to create a maintenance plan, the important thing is to spring into action….because there’s always plenty to do in a thriving community.


Wise Property Solutions is a property management company serving East Tennessee with offices in Knoxville, TN and the Tri-Cities, TN-VA. Specializing in Condominium Association Management, Home Owners Association Management, HOA Management and Gated Community Association Management.

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