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Curb Appeal Tips That Attract HOA Buyers

Spring season is a popular time for buying a new home in East Tennessee. Curb appeal is important to potential homebuyers, especially in managed community associations. After all, amenities and maintenance are two major reasons why homeowners choose an HOA. Here are some tips to boost your curb appeal for potential homebuyers this spring.

Exterior building appearance – The external appearance of your community creates the first impression. Repair any cracking paint, siding and sagging gutters. Replace shingles that may have blown away during the winter months. Look at all your buildings with a critical eye. Are the clean, fresh and inviting?

Landscape – Winter weather can alter trees, plants and grass. A little maintenance can keep your landscape looking its best throughout the year. Replace dead shrubs and plants. Prune and weed shrubs and flower beds. Check for drainage problems. Refresh mulch. You may need to replant grass in high traffic areas. Add color and interest with flowers that bloom at different times.

Common areas – Amenities are important to homebuyers, so make your HOA facilities sparkle. Power wash concrete, repair sidewalks and streets, and clean your clubhouse. Perform any maintenance on your other common facilities to get them ready for use. Seeing homeowners using “well-cared-for” amenities speaks volumes to a potential buyer.

Gutters and low-lying areas – Leaves and debris collect in gutters, low-lying areas and drains. Schedule an inspection and cleaning. Letting this slide even a little while can create water problems or leaks if a wet spring, so put this at the top of your checklist. This also offers the advantage of eliminating any unsightly debris throughout the community.

Build a berm – If you have a bank or lawn area that isn’t usable, consider building a berm. You can incorporate evergreens, flowers, shrubs that work with your landscape. Then, dress it up with mulch, rocks or edging. It’s an easy transformation from plain to dressy, and it captures the eye of a potential buyer.

It’s time for your Board to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. He or she is looking for a home with amenities, location and charm. Put your best foot forward by boosting your curb appeal.


Wise Property Solutions is a property management company serving East Tennessee with offices in Knoxville, TN and the Tri-Cities, TN-VA. Specializing in Condominium Association Management, Home Owners Association Management, HOA Management and Gated Community Association Management. The firm is East Tennessee’s only Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC®).

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