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Downside of Like-Mindedness on HOA Boards

Whether in homeowner associations or the corporate world, people surround themselves with like-minded people. A group can achieve incredible focus when they approach common goals in a like-minded way. However, like many of life’s relationships, the things that make like-mindedness so wonderful can also be weaknesses. Here are some watch-outs for too much like-mindedness on HOA Boards.

It’s easy to move forward and make decisions quickly when everyone on your Board agrees, but that’s not always the best for the association. While many Board members don’t appreciate the “what if” and “naysayers”, these people challenge the rules and decisions you make. These people make you think through the solution(s) before you choose.

As a Board leader, do you try to satisfy everyone? If so, other Board members may pick up the fact that you’re uncomfortable with challenging discussions. You’ll get better input if you encourage innovative ways to experiment and take risks. Instead of encouraging like-mindedness as the norm, support those who challenge processes because something doesn’t feel right—even if they don’t have the answer. Embrace these as learning opportunities for everyone on the Board.

Like-mindedness can foster collaboration and build teams on your HOA Board. However, disagreements aren’t harmful to Board relationships when there’s mutual respect. Encourage Board members to be respectful of others when they share opinions and ideas. This type of environment strengthens relationships.

If action-based decisions and like-minded judgments are getting you in trouble or causing problems in the association, it’s time to evaluate your decision-making process. Sometimes, like-mindedness is simple too much of a good thing. Diversity is good when making decisions. Different modes of thinking shed new light on old subjects and can pinpoint potential pitfalls.

Don’t accept like-mindedness as the easy way. Encourage Board members to put on different thinking hats to help make the best decision for your community.


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