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Expectations of HOA Board Members

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

A functioning homeowners’ association is crucial to the success of planned residential communities and all HOA’s are only as strong as their board.

Those serving on an HOA board must first be dedicated, wanting only the best for the community. According to Hawk-Eye they also need to have a thorough understanding of the community, what’s happened in the past and what the goals should be for the future.

You’re likely to face numerous challenges so it’s vital that you maintain your composure and practice patience when issues and concerns are brought to your attention. Realize you can’t make everybody happy all the time, so your focus must be on what’s best option for the whole community.

HOA board members must strive to be good communicators, as it’s crucial to keep homeowners, as well as fellow board members, informed. Being able to listen, not just to fellow board members but to homeowners as well, is an important first step in successful communications.

It’s imperative for board members to understand how much time serving on the board involves and to have a comprehensive understanding of their position and its responsibilities. They must anticipate they will need to to work with budgets, fiscal policies and reserve funds.

Finally, making certain you’re going to be able to attend meetings as participation is crucial in staying on top of things.

Remember, being asked to serve on your HOA board gives you a voice and an opportunity to take an active role in the future of your community. Take the job seriously and enjoy being able to make a difference!


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