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Foster Trust and Community in Your Community Association

Homeowner association boards are elected with the responsibility to oversee a homeowners association’s business, and while adhering to good business practices is crucial, placing equal emphasis on "people" practices is paramount. A perceptive board recognizes the importance of maintaining transparency and keeping members informed. Although the "fishbowl" management style may initially appear burdensome, running HOA affairs transparently is symbolic and demands only a few member-friendly practices from the board. Here are key considerations:

  1. Open Board Meetings: Conduct open board meetings to all members, fostering an inclusive environment.

  2. Encourage Member Participation: Allow members to express dissenting opinions and question board actions during meetings, promoting an open dialogue.

  3. Respectful Responses: Demonstrate respect when responding to dissenting views, fostering a culture of understanding and collaboration.

  4. Establish an HOA Website: Create a comprehensive HOA website for essential information and to facilitate maintenance requests.

  5. Timely Meeting Minutes: Distribute meeting minutes promptly within a week of each meeting, keeping members informed about decisions and discussions.

  6. New Member Welcome Packets: Provide welcome packets containing essential information to new members to ease their transition into the community.

  7. Clear Rules and Guidelines: Ensure all rules and design guidelines are clearly written and readily available to members.

  8. Thoughtful Rule Creation: Keep rules to a minimum and ensure they are necessary, avoiding unnecessary complexities.

  9. Soliciting Owner Input: Circulate board policies that impact lifestyle and ownership responsibilities for owner input before implementation.

Effectively communicating this approach will satisfy most members and demonstrate the board's commitment to excellence. Failure to provide such service can lead to discord and suspicion, causing unnecessary challenges for the board.

Embracing member-friendly business practices keeps the board organized and prepared and minimizes the need for crisis management. Moreover, this management style creates a personally rewarding experience for board members, attracting volunteers who want to be part of a successful team. A clear plan of action leads to accomplishment, and as success becomes evident, more individuals will be motivated to contribute. A transparent and member-focused approach ultimately leads to happy members and a harmonious community. In the realm of HOA business, cultivating transparency through Fishbowl Management is key.


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