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HOA Committees Need Leadership

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

HOA Board members cannot maintain everything in the community by themselves. Committees are a Board’s best friend and an important part of running a successful association. Ad-hoc and standing committees provide opportunities for residents to get involved. They also create a training ground for emerging leaders. Structure and leadership are vital to the success of your HOA committees.

Committee opportunities are many in an HOA because there’s always a lot to be done. Safety, landscaping, communications, financial, architectural and social committees are common among our clients. You may have others in your HOA. Volunteers are the lifeblood of successful communities. Good leaders fill community needs by motivating others to participate. Adding a “call for volunteers” in meetings and newsletters typically gets little action. Personally asking for specific needs and following up is one of the most effective ways to recruit volunteers.

Strong leadership lays the foundation for HOA committees. It’s common for one of the HOA directors to chair committees for direct linkage to the Board. Or, you may choose someone who isn’t on the Board as chairperson. Either way, your chairperson needs strong leadership and motivation skills to keep the committee on track.

Structure your committees to fit the needs of your community. As the leader, you need to set expectations and milestones. Share budget and authority guidelines. Establish a reporting procedure so the HOA Board can monitor progress and provide feedback. Typically, the chairperson is responsible for reporting progress to the Board. If there are scheduling conflicts, appoint another committee member to handle reporting.

Lead volunteers by example. If you run your HOA Board meetings effectively, it’s more likely that the committee meetings will run the same way. Give them a list of current projects, responsibilities and people they can call on. Creating an atmosphere of respect and helpfulness reinforces working toward the good of the entire community.

Committees are one of the most valuable resources for community associations. Their accomplishments save money while helping strengthen your community. It’s up to the HOA Board to lead your committee volunteers to success.


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