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How To Find Great Maintenance Help

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Maintenance Worker For HOA

Community associations all have a responsibility to provide some form of maintenance. Whether it is an HOA or a condominium associations maintaining the common areas is key. However, for most condominiums the scope of the work is far broader because it likely includes a considerable degree of building upkeep and maintenance.

Clearly, proactive maintenance is important to ensuring a successful community. Whether a long-time contractor has retired, or a new maintenance need has arisen, it can be challenging to identify the partner best suited to address the association’s need. Finding an effective long-term partner should be your board’s primary focus.

Tips for Finding Great Maintenance Help

Are you looking to meet your association’s maintenance support needs? If so, read through the tips below. They will ensure you find the best option for your association.

1) Decide whether to hire an employee or use an independent contractor

Independent contractors can provide a wide range of community services, such as landscaping and maintenance. You hire the contractor, and they dispatch the maintenance personnel to your community. According to this Portland property management company, independent contractors provide a greater degree of flexibility and range of services when compared to an individual employee. However, they may cost more than an employee per hour, and still could require some degree of oversight.

Alternatively, you may decide to hire a maintenance employee directly. This process involves more work and supervision from your board. But hiring directly may save your association money in the long run.

2) Write a detailed job description

Regardless of your approach on point 1, your first order of business needs to be creating a detailed and defined job description or scope of work. Share this information with prospective partners.

In addition, the job description or scope of work should detail the responsibilities and expectations of the successful partner. The more detailed your document, the more likely you will be to find a match.

3) Interview the prospect well

Once you have a shortlist, you will need to review and interview your prospects. Make sure to consider and prepare questions ahead of time. Develop these questions to ensure the candidate fits well with your community’s needs. The interview is a key opportunity to determine whether an applicant has the qualifications and experience indicated in their resume or promotional materials.

4) Contact Wise Property Solutions

Does the prospect of identifying quality maintenance support seem overwhelming? If yes, you may need help from Wise Property Solutions. We provide the best property management services in Knoxville and the Tri-Cities. Contact us today to learn how we can help your community find great maintenance employees.

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