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How to Improve Group Dynamics of Your HOA Board

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Group dynamics are the underlying forces that affect how your homeowners association Board acts and performs. Individual personality is one area that makes your Board members unique, but group dynamics go far beyond that.

Diversity among team members includes experiences and backgrounds, skills, education, and problem-solving techniques. There are natural leaders and followers. Boards consist of diverse members that come together to create the synergy needed to manage your homeowner association. According to Morningside Apartments there’s no one type that is better than the other, so recognize each member’s role as unique and equally valuable.

What can a Board do to improve the group dynamics? First, you need to identify the traits of the members.

Personality types. Don’t label members, but be aware of the positives and negatives that the personality of each member brings to the table.

Group roles. Consider the role that the member plays within the team instead of the office the Board member holds. Most people automatically gravitate to their natural preferences.

Technology and tools. Think about preferences in communication, presenting an issue to other Board members, skills and abilities of each member. You may be surprised at how the use of technology and tools influence the dynamics of the Board.

Procedures and problem-solving. How does each Board member attack problems and complete tasks? Is it careful research with lots of detail, creatively, seeking input from others, etc.?

Explore outside-of-the-box opportunities as you look at what each Board member offers the group. Recognizing and using the roles that people naturally play within the group can help you cultivate new leaders and optimize the Board’s performance.

For example, giving a natural leader a little more authority will help them grow into other HOA Board roles. Some members will consistently do exactly what is expected of them, and your Board needs members like this. Creative Board members may be a little less consistent, but they bring fresh and unique ways of looking at an issue.

Diversity among your Board members is good. It takes all kinds to make a team. Different personalities, individual skills and preferences create a strong Board that can deliver results. When you’re aware of the group dynamics, you can emphasize the positives and minimize the negatives to improve the overall management of your community. Are you letting your Board members’ personalities and skills shine?

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