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How to Resolve Conflicts in a Positive Way

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Community is a wonderful thing. But when groups of people live near each other, some conflict is inevitable. Often conflicts occur over small things. Other conflicts may be about big things. Whether big or small, it is important to resolve conflicts as quickly and positively as possible. Proactively addressing conflict will position the community for smooth operation and overall success.

Ways to Resolve Conflicts in a Positive Way

If you are looking to resolve conflicts in your community in a positive way, follow these fool-proof tips below.

1)Take time for emotions to cool down. Trying to resolve a conflict when emotions are still running high will be nearly impossible. When people are reacting emotionally, they will be less likely to hear reason or be open to compromise.

If you notice that things are getting emotional when a conflict occurs, defer the conversation until a later time. Allow each party time to cool down. Then set a date and time for the conversation to continue. This will allow each party to collect their thoughts and calm their emotions, which will increase the likelihood of positive resolution and reconciliation.

2)find a mediator. Some conflicts are just too big or complex to handle on your own. If you are facing a conflict between a large group of people or one that regularly hits an emotional cord regardless of what you do, you may want to hire a mediator.

Having an objective third-party mediate a conflict can be an effective strategy. Many community management companies, like Wise Property Solutions, can assist associations with addressing conflicts effectively. A profession management partner should be able to hear both sides objectively and suggest reasonable solutions, which can be hard for people embroiled in the conflict themselves.

3)Have each part write down its points before a discussion begins. If you have scheduled a conversation about the conflict, it is important to come prepared for that conversation. Each party should come with written notes that include the points they wish to make during the conversation. According to these Manteca property managers this ensures everyone gets to make the points important to them, your conversation will have structure, and emotions will be much less likely to take control.

4)Prioritize listening. Whether you are a part of the conflict or mediating it, listening is essential. Many people don’t listen to the other side during a conflict. They are only focused on their next point. Yet, listening carefully is important for finding a solution that can be agreed upon by everyone.

Make sure to allow each participant sufficient and equal time to speak. You may even want to structure the conversation like a debate, where each participant gets a set amount of time to speak and then the other participant has a certain amount of time to specifically address the claims made.

If your community is struggling to resolve conflicts positively, you should try the tips listed above. Residents in Knoxville and the Tri-Cities should contact Wise Property Solutions. We can support your board in finding solutions that are best for your community.

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