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Maintenance Responsibility Chart is a Good Management Tool

If your condo or homeowner association is like most others, owners find it challenging to keep up with the areas that they are responsible for maintaining. To add to the confusion, many associations assume responsibility to maintain some physical assets that belong to the homeowners (i.e., exterior windows and doors, porch lights as specified in your association’s governing documents). If residents in your community find maintenance confusing, a responsibility chart can help them understand “who does what” at a glance.

Responsibility charts can be as simple or elaborate as needed. The basic model includes columns for the maintenance task, owner and association. Other columns can be added, but keep it simple so that homeowners find it a helpful resource.

You can easily set up your own responsibility chart.

  1. Choose the title – Maintenance Responsibility for XYZ Community

  2. List the people involved across the top of the columns (Owner, Association and perhaps a column named Other for vendors or committees.

  3. Define the maintenance tasks in the first column and note who has responsibility with an X.





A responsibility chart is a useful tool to keep track of who does what. The chart may be handwritten or you can create one in Excel or Word to change as tasks change. Another option is to download one online that you can customize for the specific tasks in your association. If your Board is stretched too thin, an ad hoc committee is an excellent alternative to develop a chart.

Emergencies occur at the most unexpected times, so consider including after-hour contact numbers for emergencies. At the very least, your Board members should have an updated contact sheet for reference if a homeowner contacts them.

Remember that a chart must be based on your association’s governing documents and policies. Sometimes, legal documents specify that the association must perform a specific maintenance, and the owner pays for the expenses incurred. If there are ambiguous areas where you’re not sure of the responsible party, consult your attorney as you draft your chart.


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