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No Rogues Needed On HOA Boards

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Sometimes, an HOA Board member won’t follow the rules. He or she takes action that is in conflict with the association’s governing document or Board decisions, badmouths Board decision in the community and challenges almost everything that the Board does. This Board member puts his/her personal agenda ahead of the needs and priorities of the homeowner association. This is a classic example of a “rogue” board member. If you’ve ever seen the impact of a lone elephant on a rampage, you’ve glimpsed the damage that a rogue member can do in your community.

It’s impossible for all Board members to agree on every decision. Opposing views and different opinions can give your HOA Board strength. Unfortunately, this can also be a weak spot if a Board member runs amok because he/she disagrees with a decision. Like the lone elephant, rogue board members must be stopped.

Boards typically make decisions by following Robert’s Rules of Order. Topics are opened through motions, seconded, and then discussed before holding a formal vote that is recorded in the minutes. When additional information is needed, voting may be postponed until a future date. Decisions are the collective judgment of the Board, and every Board member needs to support the final decision regardless of their personal preference.

It’s important to remember that people can view issues differently, and they can agree to disagree. But, when Board members walk away from the meeting, every person should support the actions taken by the Board as the official action of the Board. According to Golden Management an honorable Board member will tell the Board that he/she doesn’t see the issue that way but will support the Board’s decision.

On the other hand, a rogue will revisit issues month after month if he/she disagrees with an action. The will of the majority of the Board becomes obstacle to overcome. This Board member may complain to other Board members, homeowners in the community, association vendors and others who will listen. It’s the “lone elephant” on a rampage.

Being on the HOA Board is not about being right all the time. It’s about working with others to do what is best for the association. Differing opinions and conflict are part of it, but the majority needs to rule. When a homeowner can’t support the collective judgment of the HOA Board, it’s time to resign from their Board position.


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