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Onboarding Techniques for HOA Boards

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

A new HOA Board member’s effectiveness directly relates to your onboarding techniques. It’s much more than an introduction and welcome. Starting your new HOA Board members off on the right foot sets them—and the entire Board— up for success. Here are some ways to maximize your onboarding techniques.

Communicate expectations for new members. Many HOA Board members wear multiple hats. As leaders, they have fiduciary responsibility. Functional leaders may be responsible for one or more areas, i.e., budgeting, communication, etc. Committee leadership may also be an expectation. Clarifying current and future expectations helps new members understand where to focus.

Appoint a mentor to orient and help a new HOA Board member get up to speed. A Board veteran can prioritize training topics and provide introductions to HOA vendors and committees. According to these Long Beach property managers this go-to person reduces the pressure and intimidation feelings of being the new kid on the block. Having a hands-on mentor closes the learning gap so a new member can hit the ground running.

Provide HOA Board handbook as a training and resource tool for new members. Your professional association managers can assist you with developing the most effective method for compiling this information. Include responsibilities, volunteer roster, annual budget, strategic plan and the association’s rules & regulations. Current business items and budget are also items to include. Avoid overwhelming new members by only including information they need to have at their fingertips. Add a resource section to direct them to additional information as the need arises.

Offer training recommendations. Running an association is much like operating your own business. HOA Board members need knowledge in a wide variety of topics. Ask other Board members to share an overview of their role. Your property management company, vendors and are other places that may offer training. Solid training helps new members gain the breadth of knowledge they need to make good decisions for the community.

Host a reception to introduce new board members to other HOA volunteers and key vendors. This icebreaker boosts relationships and paves the way for future teamwork.

HOA Board members are volunteers who are busy people. It’s important for them to be acclimated with a minimum amount of time and anxiety. Set your new member up for success with valuable onboarding techniques. with valuable onboarding techniques.

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