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Qualities of an Outstanding HOA Board Member

You Board consists of individuals with different strengths and weaknesses. It’s diversity that makes your Board stronger and able to see a broader picture. That same diversity can also create conflict because people see issues differently. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could choose the qualities you want each of your HOA Board members to possess? Below are six traits that help Board members from diverse backgrounds become strong team players.

Dependable – You need Board members you can count on to be at meetings, do their fair share of the work, and follow through. It’s important to know you can consistently rely on all your Board members.

Integrity – People who follow their moral compass base decisions and actions on what they believe is the right thing to do. People with high integrity lead successful communities.

Communication – Board members need to be skilled at discussing problems and reaching a decision. Communication skills are more than just oral and written — actively listening to homeowners and other Board members is vital for the HOA Board to function effectively.

Problem solving – Sometimes, Boards face unconventional problems where there isn’t an easy answer. It takes research, creativity, out-of-the-box thinking and collaboration to find a solution that works short-term and long-term.

Respectful – Board members should respect fellow Board members and their opinions all the time. Most Board members serve because they have a passion to make the community better. Differing opinions give rise to potential solutions for consideration, and discussions are professional and fact-based.

Sense of Humor – You may think this is an unusual ideal trait, but a sense of humor is the glue that helps the Board bond. It can lighten the mood when discussions get too intense and add some fun to meetings. We’re not talking about a constant jokester, but a little humor that helps keep everyone sane. Laughter is healing.

Board members don’t come in personality types, and not all of them possess these traits. Work toward cultivating these traits in at least some of your HOA Board members. If you get people to understand that it’s not about beating another Board member but about seeing the community thrive, you’ll have a winning Board.


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