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Rate Your HOA Board’s Strategic Leadership Skills

HOA Board members possess a wide variety of talents and skills. Each person brings a different perspective based on his/her experiences and knowledge. Although your Board members may be quite diverse, you can still have knowledge gaps. How does your Board rate in these four strategic leadership areas?

  1. Strategic Thinking – Leaders with this skill will challenge current beliefs and the status quo. They see the big picture and spot patterns. By reframing problems, they can identify root causes. Assess how individual Board members rank in strategic thinking. How does your Board rank collectively? If strategic thinking is a gap for your Board members, hone this skill through practice and training.

  2. Action Oriented – Many leaders fall prey to “analysis paralysis.” Indecision and delay can wreak havoc in a homeowner association. Because most things evolve, it is impossible to predict the future. Establish good discussion processes that leads to a decision. Bring in topic experts to help you move forward if this is a gap for your Board.

  3. Majority Rules – Good HOA Board leaders establish an atmosphere of trust and respect. While consensus is rare for difficult issues, every member of the Board should support board decisions for the good of all in the community. If overcoming this gap is a challenge for your Board, consider engaging a property management professional to facilitate your discussion.

  4. Board Development – Leadership development and training is an ongoing process. Technology evolves. Lifestyles change. Help your future community leaders develop and strengthen the skills needed to keep your community on track. Identify training resources and opportunities so your volunteers can do their best work. Preparing for leadership responsibilities is one of your most important strategic leadership moves you can make.

HOA leaders face a daunting list of diverse tasks. Self-evaluation can help you create the foundation for a highly effective Board. Start polishing your strategic leadership skills today—to create a stronger community tomorrow.

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