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Regular HOA Board Meetings Are Essential

Meetings are essential for a thriving community. A homeowner association is a business. Like any other business, someone has to handle day-to-day decisions and activities. Thus, regularly scheduled Board meetings are a must to set policies, resolve disputes, listen to residents and plan for your community’s future.

The most successful HOA Boards follow parliamentary procedure to stay on track during meetings, but styles vary from Board to Board. Some are more formal and regimented. Some are more casual. Whatever the structure, the best meetings are those that stay on topic and elicit meaningful contributions from the Board members.

The primary reason to have regularly scheduled Board meetings is to make decisions about association business. Most HOA Boards meet monthly because there’s always some business that needs attention. In addition to attending to standard day-to-day business, your meetings may also include other topics such as:

  • Education about changing laws, procedures or policies that affect the association

  • Review roles and responsibilities

  • Explore new technologies, procedures or other plans for potential future implementation

  • Assign and/or receive status updates on tasks

  • Meet and get to know each other, both professionally and personally

Minutes are an important part of every meeting. You need a record of the meeting, but it isn’t necessary to record every comment. Typical segments that you should include in your minutes are:

  • Date and time of the meeting

  • Officers present and quorum

  • Minutes of past meeting approved and/or changes

  • Financial report from treasurer

  • Manager’s written report

  • Unfinished business topics, motions and approvals

  • New business motions and approvals

  • Adjournment motion and time

If you aren’t sure about the laws in your state, check them because timing of meetings, notice and quorums are usually regulated. Your governing documents may also specify rules regarding meetings.

It’s simple. Regular Board meetings provide the opportunity to stay on top of association business. Make the most of every meeting, and your community will reap the rewards.


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