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Six Strategies for Stronger HOA Board Member Relationships

Condominium and HOA Board members share a common goal of creating a successful community. Many factors influence how Board members react to various issues, including personalities, past experiences, communication skills and trust. Creating opportunities that help members get to know each other and build strong intrapersonal relationships is conducive to working together and getting more done. Here are six strategies that can help build Board member relationships.

  1. Encourage collaboration among Board members. Two or three people working on a project or task is a great way to help people get to know each other and learn what others bring to the table.

  2. Create an atmosphere that fosters trust in HOA Board meetings. Actively listening to members and following through on promises helps build trust. Encourage Board members to rely other Board members.

  3. Acknowledge results and say good things about Board members and volunteers. It makes people feel good to hear you praising their efforts and results. Support your Board members and create opportunities for other members to support and recognize each other.

  4. Share expertise among Board members. Everyone has different talents, and you can save everyone time as well as build respect if you play to each member’s strengths. Encourage Board members to ask for advice from their fellow Board members.

  5. Create opportunities to strengthen friendships among Board members. Identify ways that members can get together. Friends enjoy doing activities, whether that’s participating in a charity project, dining together or a sport. Spending time together shows others that they are important.

  6. Clearly define roles and responsibilities for each Board member. Assigning tasks reduces conflict among Board members and facilitates completing the tasks. Consider rotating duties among Board members to build skills and knowledge as well as to prevent jealousy.


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