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Use the PASS Concept for HOA Resolutions

One of the functions of condo and HOA Boards is to pass resolutions. While Boards pass motions with actions in Board meetings, a resolution is a stand-alone document. It is is a formal motion to establish a rule that governs the association. When your Board decides that they need a new rule or policy, the PASS concept can help you consider all the characteristics and issues.

Policy resolutions establish procedures for the association and/or define acceptable community standards. It’s important for your Board to discuss the specific characteristics of a resolution before it’s enacted. These include:

Purpose: Why is a rule being adopted?

Authority: What is the source of the Board’s authority to make this rule? Typically, your governing documents specify your authority.

Scope: Who will be affected by the rule? What is the period of time?. What is the extent of the rule?

Specifications: What do you expect the people affected by the rule to do?

It’s a good practice to communicate proposed resolutions to homeowners before the Board votes. Adoption of a resolution is also recorded in the Board meeting minutes. Then, the resolution is filed in the Book of Resolutions that is maintained by the association. Create an index for your book of resolutions to make it easier to access specific resolutions.

Resolutions are important to help associations run efficiently and effectively. If properly adopted and consistently enforced, resolutions can help resolve small community issues before they escalate into bigger problems. Use PASS to keep your resolutions on the right track.


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