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Welcome to Wise Property Solutions’ Blog

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Welcome to our blog, a place where we’ll explore issues that affect condo and homeowner’s associations. Our objective is to shed light on concerns before they become a problem and communicate best practices to make your life easier. We will write for a broad audience, but will focus our time on issues commonly experienced by the volunteers serving as board members of their homeowners association.

Our property management portfolio includes a variety of community associations including commercial and residential condominium associations and homeowners’ associations. This means that we run into all types of issues that affect these associations. Been there, done that and learned a lot of “how to’s” that are worth sharing.

If you’re on an association board or own a condo, home or townhouse governed by an association, this is the place for you. With your help, this blog will become a resource where all board members and owners can turn for answers. Sure, we have a list of topics that we want to cover, but we don’t mind to juggle the schedule if you have a hot topic or problem that you want addressed. Send us a note or an email with your questions or topics.

We’re devoted exclusively to the management of community associations, and our services cover a range of administrative, financial and facility maintenance issues. Because we are personally engaged with our clients and property owners, we understand the unique needs of the community and have the experience to provide what’s needed to do business efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to make things a better for every association we manage and every place that we touch.

We will blog frequently about the issues that affect Community Association Management, so check back often! ***

Wise Property Solutions serves condominium and homeowners associations by addressing their financial, association and facilities management needs. The only certified and licensed community association management firm serving the Mountain South (Virginia, North & South Carolina, Tennessee) with offices in the Tri-Cities and Knoxville.

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