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What Does Our Property Management Company Do?

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

People often think that our property management company makes all the important decisions for a community. Wrong! We don’t run the show. Your homeowners association is a corporation for which your homeowners association (HOA) Board approves the budget, sets covenant enforcement systems and signs contracts. They prioritize association projects and make all day-to-day decisions about how the HOA operates. Your Board has the authority and power to set policies and implementation standards.

As your property management company, we provide the Board with full service administrative and accounting support and guidance. Our management function is to carry out the Board’s decisions. Management implements decisions of the Board and administers the programs, services and activities of the association within the policies and guidelines set by your Board.

Depending on the nature of a specific issue, we may be able to solve a problem quickly so that the homeowner is pleased. However, at other times, we may not have the authority to make the decision, so these requests need the review and approval of the board of directors. When communicating with our community association management company, please keep in mind that that there may be delays when non-urgent issues require further review of the Board.

Here are some tips to help facilitate your communication with the board:

– When in doubt about your request, put it in writing.

– Attend the Open Forum portion of the Board of Directors meeting.

– If your request is “non-emergency” in nature, please be patient. In most cases, management will research the issue for the board so that the board can make the best educated, business decision possible.

– If you have questions, do not hesitate to call your association manager.

Make sure you are aware of the unique responsibilities and authority of a property management company, the board members individually and the Board as a whole. Understanding authority is key to HOA communications and creating a thriving community.

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